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Language Together books are designed to flexibly supplement an early language curriculum. Set One is suitable for preschool to early elementary students. The books support vocabulary, pre-reading and review for native and non-native speakers.

Teachers use our books in different ways:

  • Whole classroom read-alouds
  • Thematic activities: warm up, drills, games etc.
  • Oral presentation practice
  • Small group and paired activities
  • Free voluntary reading (language library supplement) 
  • Independent audio review
  • Pre-reading and early literacy tool

To get more ideas on enriching your curriculum, download our complimentary Set One Teacher's Guide in French or Spanish. This 23-page guide provides vocabulary games, suggestions, and cultural activities that support World Readiness Standards for Learning Languages (ACTFL).

Contact Us to order directly and inquire about Academic Discounts (for 10+ copies).

"I LOVE the books. The first thing I thought when I read them was, "Teaching experts made these!" I taught Spanish for 15 years, and know a good resource when I see one!"

- Christa Jiménez, Spanish Teacher, www.puravidamoms.com

Praise From Teachers

"I use Set One each week in my classroom. The kids love the books and ask me to read them again and again!"

Chinese Teacher

Lexington Chinese School, Lexington MA

“These books provide an authentic introduction to language that is colorful and enjoyable. I love them!”

Spanish Teacher

Aldine Independent School District, Houston, TX

“These books are perfect for young language learners! I really like these books!”

Spanish Teacher

Newport News Public Schools, Williamsburg, VA

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