Chinese Set One (Traditional)

Ten Books w/ Online Audio


Chinese Set One (Traditional)

Ten Books w/ Online Audio

Set One introduces the building blocks of language. Ten short stories feature:

  • 100 thematic vocabulary words (colors, numbers, shapes, etc.)
  • 50+ high frequency words, verbs and expressions
  • Fun phrases and cultural lingo:
    好棒!(Amazing!) • 好吃!(Yum!)
  • Audio narration by native language speakers
  • For use at school or at home

Developed with teachers and curriculum experts, the Language Together Learning System uses a unique Spot Color Immersion Method® that speeds language acquisition. Kids will quickly learn new words and phrases, building vocabulary and pre-reading skills.


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Each story serves up fun adventures and plot twists: a magic show, a picnic, a day in the snow and more! Kids will laugh and learn with their Language Together friends — Claire, Teddy, Mighty Mike, Ernie and Rosie.

Set One Features:

  • Ten Little Books (180 pages total)
  • Vocabulary & Phrase Charts
  • Translations & Pinyin
  • Online Audio Center
  • Boxed set dimensions: 6.75 x 5.75 x 1.5 inches

Look Inside...

Listen and Learn

Each story features an online audio narration by native speakers, which can be played on your phone or computer. Click here for a short audio clip.

British researchers have found that speaking Chinese may take more brainpower than speaking English because more parts of the brain need to be utilized when learning Chinese.

BBC News, “Chinese Takes More Brainpower”

Studies suggest a correlation between learning Chinese and a greater understanding of math concepts, because learning Chinese characters naturally requires math skills such as counting, grouping, ordering and comparing. 

— Asia Society, "Learning Chinese Pays Dividends"