English for Kids: 10 Books with Online Audio (Language Learning Picture Story Books) Set 1

English for Kids: 10 Books with Online Audio (Language Learning Picture Story Books) Set 1

Set One introduces the building blocks of language. Ten short stories feature:

  • 100 thematic vocabulary words (colors, numbers, shapes, etc.)
  • 50+ high frequency words, verbs and expressions
  • Fun phrases and cultural lingo:
    Yippee! • Uh oh! • Cheers! • Whoops!
  • Audio narration by native language speakers
  • For use at school or at home

Developed with teachers and curriculum experts, the Language Together Learning System uses a unique Spot Color Immersion Method® that speeds language acquisition. Kids will quickly learn new words and phrases, building vocabulary and pre-reading skills.


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Each story serves up fun adventures and plot twists: a magic show, a picnic, a day in the snow and more! Kids will laugh and learn with their Language Together friends — Claire, Teddy, Mighty Mike, Ernie and Rosie. 

Set One Features:

  • Ten Little Books (180 pages total)
  • Vocabulary & Phrase Charts 
  • Online Audio Center
  • Boxed set dimensions: 6.75 x 5.75 x 1.5 inches

Look Inside...

Listen and Learn

Each story features an online audio narration by native speakers, which can be played on your phone or computer. Click here for a short audio clip.

English is the first or second most spoken language in the world. It is the official language in 79 countries. 80% of the worlds' information is stored on computers in English. A quarter of the world’s population can speak some English and it is the common language in almost every field.

World Factbook, Ethnologue, New York Times: “Across Cultures, English is the Word,” and David Graddol, “The Future of English.”